Team Movement
Active shooter response training.
Cover vs Concealment
Showing students how to use cover and or concealment during a recent seminar.
Fighting Around a Vehicle
Great pic taken during fighting around a vehicle training.
Force on Force Training
Gun vs knife during a force on force seminar.
Church Security Training
Conducting training for a church security team.
LE Training
Law enforcement officers going through firearms training with us.
Grappling With Knives Seminar
Our recent seminar showing techniques & concepts for dealing with a knife in grappling range.
Working some clinch fighting with a client.
Ground Survival For Law Enforcement
This was our Ground Survival For Law Enforcement Seminar in Carmel, IN, February 2016
Defensive Use of an Edged Weapon
Defensive Use of an Edged Weapon Seminar.
Carmel, IN, March 2016
Ground Fighting & Control
Submission grappling class with a client..
Private Handgun Class
Handgun training from one of our many private classes we do weekly.
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